Area 37 Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous - Mississippi A.A.-

Prentiss A.A. Meetings

Bottomline GroupJefferson David Rehab Ctr. (across from hospital), Prentiss, MS
Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat.
    6:00 pm (O,D)   6:00 pm (O,D)    
Listed with A.A. General Service Office: 12/31/1980

Explanation of Meeting Codes:
(B) Big Book and/or Step Study - A.A. literature
(C) Closed Meeting - For anyone with a drinking problem.
(D) Discussion - Members share experiences
(E) Español
(G) Gay
(H) Handicap Accessible
(L) Lesbian
(M) Men
(NS) No Smoking
(O) Open Meeting - For anyone interested in A.A. or alcoholism.
(S) Step Meeting
(SM) Smoking
(SP) Speaker
(12) Twelve and Twelve - A.A. literature
(W) Women

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